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Annie LeBlanc phone number


First of all, a short biography of Annie LeBlanc

So before getting Annie LeBlanc’s phone number let’s read a short biography of his life :

Passionate about gymnastics, the videos of Annie LeBlanc can well explain her determination and fervor towards the martial arts. The aspiring gymnast has created a self-entitled YouTube channel and also features in her family vlog titled ‘Bratayley’ to showcase her talents. Annie, who happens to be the eldest daughter of Bratayley family, is clear about her directions and is working on to become a better artist in future.

Career and Progression:

Annie LeBlanc owns a self-entitled YouTube channel, formerly titled Acroanna, which has amassed around 2 million followers. Annie, who happens to be a level nine gymnast, uploads videos relating gymnastics meets and tutorials in her channel created in October 2008.

Some of the most-viewed videos on her YouTube channel are ‘Annie the Gymnast-Gymnastics Gymnastics Everywhere,’ ‘How to do the Splits, Tutorials,’ ‘5-year old Gymnast- Level 3’ and ‘5 Years on YouTube! | Annie the Gymnast |.’

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Similarly, she often collaborates with her sister, Hayley and appears on the family YouTube account, ‘Bratayley.’ She and her siblings, Hayley and Caleb previously ran a YouTube channel named ‘OMMyGoshTv.’ The channel, which enjoys more than 100K subscribers, comes up with a theme each week and ask a random person to guess the theme hidden underneath the videos.

Annie frequently appears on the YouTube channel titled ‘truthplusdare’ which is also organized by her and her sibling. As the name indicates, this channel is entirely about truth and dare where the YouTubers reveals their likes and dislikes and does some fun stuff as a dare.

Before gaining the fame, Annie was a member of YouTube channel named ‘sevenawesomekids’ which she later quitted to continue gymnastics. She was also the part of collaborative YouTube Channel called ‘Gymscool’ and has signed with Disney Maker Studios. The internet star is famous for the app with the name ‘annieleblanc,’ garnering over 10 million followers.

Her Bio and Family and Facts:

Julianna Grace LeBlanc, widely known as Annie LeBlanc celebrates her birthday on December 5. She was born in 2004 to the American parents, Katie and Billy LeBlanc, which makes her 12 years of age. As per a wiki source, she grew up in Georgia with her family which includes three siblings. She is the cousin of internet star, Paige Danielle who is popular as ‘Paigique’ on YouTube.

Her brother, Caleb Logan died on October 1, 2015, due to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in the hospital. Annie, who is currently homeschooled, has three pet dogs at home. She belongs to white ethnicity and has a flexible body along with an impressive height.

Anyway, let’s get to the point and talk about the phone number!

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Annie leblanc phone number

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